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Valerie R Grace

Owner/Trainer/General Mgr.

Valerie, a 51 yr old mother of (3) and grandmother of 1,started BBJ 2 years ago. The idea of jumping rope to lose weight was a last minute decision due to the fact that running was not an option. 

Edward A Grace

Executive Team Coach

Edward, 49 yr old husband of Valerie helps train clients on jumping rope techniques using weighted ropes and is an essential part of BBJ.


​​​Jeremy Grace

Jumprope Enthusiast

Joshua Grace

Youth Jumprope Enthusiast

Our Mission and Our Goal

Our mission at Bounce Back Jumping, is to help and encourage you to BOUNCE BACK to the old you through HIIT and jumprope exercises. The "YOU" you once knew. The "YOU", you loved. The "YOU", you were destined to be.

Little know FACT:

10 minutes of jumping rope is equivalent to 30 minutes of running on a treadmill at 6.5 speed!!

Jumping rope is a full body workout. It works your arms, abs, heart and even your mind.

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